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Mission & Vision


Empowerment, connection and creative development is what Female Takeover, the collective represents. Here, young women have been combining their strength and energy in artistic expressions since 2015. The collective was founded on the idea of strengthening 'sisterhood' within the artistic scene. We want to be a stimulus and motivation for women in general, but also for those who want to make a difference through an artistic path.


Within the operation, we stimulate talent, creativity and the freedom to be your own translation of an artist. This is how we discovered the innovative power of different art disciplines together on one stage. Diversity and representation is an important value to us, both within the collective and in society. Female Takeover brings together different individuals from different backgrounds.


We are convinced that more room should be made for female energy within the artistic sector in Belgium. That's why we make room for these disciplines to be expressed in different areas.




The objective of Female Takeover is to mix a new wave of female artists, entrepreneurs and organizers with the current offer. This time with the focus on creating more space in the market for female filling jobs that already exist in this scene.


Through dance, music, words and song, we address social themes such as discrimination, inequality and feminism. We translate these disciplines to our target audience through specific concepts. We organise events, tour with our own theatre/dance productions and start a podcast in 2021.


Female Takeover's vision for the future is to continue this mindset through various channels and to be a motivation for young and old, men and women. 

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