Production 'Luta Interna'

On January 16, 2016, Female Takeover's first performance premiered at CC Berchem, curating an evening within the concept of 'Bruishaven' and thereby kicking off our first tour. The next two years we performed  this first show in venues like De Singel, De Arenberg, CC Mechelen and CC Bouckenborgh. This performance was a big collaboration between different female artists in Flanders, where separate fragments alternated and different disciplines supported each other in the acts.


In 2019, our second performance "Luta Interna" premiered in the Arenberg, in Antwerp. After a year of silence with the operation of the collective, we started this new performance from the point of view of two sisters who grew up within the same family, yet go through life according to a completely different mentality. One sister lets fate guide her life, while the other steers her own will.

FTO Liveband Invites

FTO is seeks three artists to collaborate with each concert, each artist playing a 20-minute set. New live arrangements are made  in collaboration with the band and the artists involved based on a selection of existing songs by these artists. In the process, the songs will be given a new feel. The entire showcase is supervised by a creative director who ensures coherence between the various artists and the band.



With Female Takeover we mix different disciplines to create showcases. We offer both short and long showcases, depending on the demand. Singing, poetry, dancing and live music are the various domains that can be mixed according to the client's wishes. This way we always create a wide range of possibilities for each showcase performed. Finally, on request, a specific theme can be linked to a performance that we create in our own style.


Female Takeover The Talkshow is a new audiovisual project in which our own knowledge, expertise, interests and dilemmas are shared as a collective. This talk show explores various themes, life plans, dreams and events with guests. All of this is linked to the vision that female takeover once started, namely to connect and represent women, as well create a way for all those who come after us.